OurSpace Peterborough

Scoping Exercise

This scoping exercise is supported by an award by the Big Lottery
Awards for All Scheme.

The opportunity to share experience of living well with HIV and to build a sense of solidarity is hard to come by for many people living with HIV in and around Peterborough.

Not all of those infected or affected by HIV are able to be very active because of worries about confidentiality. All OurSpace members know of or know people living with HIV (sometimes in their own families) who do not have any social contact with other people living with HIV. They miss out on a lot of useful information about managing their HIV and they may feel very much alone in dealing with it.

Our planned website will serve both as a substitute for face-to-face interaction with other PLWH and hopefully as a step towards it for people trying to overcome their fears.

  1. What the opportunities & challenges are for people living with HIV in and around Peterborough?
  2. What information on HIV, health and social care do people living with HIV want to have?
  3. Could collaborative work be needed between health care professionals, social care providers, commissioners and people living with HIV?
  4. How best could health, social care and HIV services be provided for people living with HIV,
  5. What resources do people need so they can to learn to live well with HIV?

Get Involved

We want to build the new website around your needs. If you are living with HIV or you care for someone living with HIV we want to hear from you.